The first thing you need to understand is that the Rent to Own Business is not about Real Estate.  It is a "People Business" and the root of my success is because I learned quickly that in order to be successful you must define a strategy that is a WIN / WIN, for both the Occupant / Tenant and the Investor.

“I’m taking control of my investment strategy to gain higher than average rates of return.”


During an engaging conversation with a few investment professionals I asked, “If I wanted to re-evaluate my future net worth in preparation for my retirement, what interest or growth rate of return should I consider?”  I was discouraged at the response.  The most aggressive portfolio manager told me 8% annually and the conservative consensus was between 4 and 6%.

So what if I could

guarantee 12% - 18% or even higher

...having that goal; inadvertently changed my investment strategy and for 6 years I have been effectively managing a portfolio of Rent to Own properties.

Certainly there are no guarantees in any investment strategy. However, if we can acquire assets (“Rent to Own Real Estate) that produce income and introduce success factors to ensure the property transfers ownership on schedule; then we can maximize the return and minimize our risk.


A Trigger to take control